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Our objective is to assist visually handicapped students in India.

HELP THE BLIND FOUNDATION is registered as a charity under the Companies Ordinance in Hong Kong though we have been engaged in blind related activities since 2005.

Its principal objective is to assist visually handicapped students in India with necessary financial assistance to pursue their university studies.


We believe that traditional vocational and handicraft related types of training are no longer suitable for the blind. These do not equip them for job opportunities. Our objective is to give the same opportunities to blind students as are given to normal students. We want them graduate from universities and enter the same job market like everyone else, say become teachers or work in commercial enterprises and call centers.

We also support sports activities - we are financing a Sports Center for the Blind at the Loyola college. Our students at St Louis at Chennai and IAB at Madurai play cricket and other outdoor games. They are experts at Chess - one of our young boys was invited to participate in an International competition at Stockholm.


Our efforts to help the blind were initiated by an accidental visit of our Founder, Mr D K Patel to the St Louis Institute for the Deaf and the Blind in Gandhi Nagar, Adyar, Chennai, in South India. The Institute was established seven decades ago by a French mission, the Montford Brothers. The Mission currently runs about 300 educational institutions. The Institute in Adyar provides secondary school level education to 140 blind boys and 450 deaf and dumb students. The quality of education is so high that the school results for the final year (XIIth standard) have always been 100% in recent years.

The Patel family, like all overseas visitors to India, were deeply distressed by the ubiquitous presence of blind beggars all over the country. The real cause of the large number of the blind in India is poverty, and the reason why the blind do not make any progress in their life is the lack of educational opportunities. A number of NGO's and state governments are trying to overcome this situation by providing primary and secondary school facilities; however, the Foundation believes there is a need to provide help at the post secondary level and to produce blind professionals, whose elevated economic status and presence in multiple facets of society will help improve the image of the blind community.

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Our primary objective is to offer financial support to give visually...
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HELP THE BLIND FOUNDATION is registered as a charity...
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