IAB School Principal

Amongst visually challenged persons, the ratio of students continuing from schools to higher education in colleges was very minimal still the year 2009. The reason behind this was the inability of their parents to afford to pay for them - due to financial problems they usually opt to go for vocational education.

In 2010, the involvement and financial assistance by Mr. D. K. Patel of Help The Blind Foundation to IAB was the turning point. It has helped our students enter higher education in colleges. Some students who would have otherwise discontinued their education due to their financial constraints are now entering their third year of higher education with great dreams for their future. Help the Blind Foundation releases funds for the whole year at the beginning itself helping them to plan accordingly. Besides assisting our students financially, Help the Blind Foundation has also provided our students with assistive devices such as “Angel Readers” which helps them to record their lessons and play them back for learning. The five top scorers in Standard XII have been awarded with free netbooks which are effective learning companions for them.

There are only a limited number of special schools in the city which are accessible to visually challenged. With our classrooms overflowing with students; Mr Patel saw the cramped environment and generously donated a 2-storeyed building with exclusive lab facilities for audio learning, braille computers, social learning, science & music, spacious classrooms and comfortable hostel blocks.

On the whole, the assistance from Help The Blind Foundation has been a total package to improve the quality of education at our school.

Even amongst sighted children only 10% to 15% peruse higher education. Higher Education was inaccessible and would have been a dream for the visually challenged youths without the assistance of Mr. D. K. Patel – Help the Blind Foundation.

IAB on behalf of the visually challenged community takes this opportunity to thank ‘Help the Blind Foundation’ and all its members who have contributed for this noble cause”

Mr Jinnah
Principal, IAB School

Commonwealth Countries League Education Fund, United Kingdom

I would like to thank you very much for sponsoring my trip to India.  It was the most amazing and life changing trip for me especially after seeing the wonderful work you are doing in Madurai with the IAB Higher Secondary School, Loyola College and St Louis School.  I was moved by the love you give to the students in all the institutions.  I saw, heard and felt in your gesture the immense love and kindness you have for everyone especially those who have challenges with their physical, sight or hearing.  It is true indeed that “kindness is the language that the deaf can hear and the blind can see.”

The meeting at Loyola College was an eye opener for me.  I was impressed with the resource centre where we met the blind and deaf students, especially the lady who was doing her Masters degree.  Such an achievement is only possible with support from people like you.  The words “Resource centre for the differently able” says a lot about the Blind and deaf students.  It gives them courage and confidence for them to pursue and achieve more. 

When we flew to Madurai, I was moved by how much work the school had completed once you donated funding for the building.  The school run by Mr Jinnah is amazing and the students do so much more with the various new resources.  I am very grateful that to the staff who took time to show us around the school and we had a chance to see the students in their classroom environments.   

The opening ceremony of the IAB higher Secondary School was magnificent.  I am thankful to you for letting us meet all the dignitaries on the occasion. The film they made about Mr Jinnah and his work will be used by the CCL Education Fund to seek more funds in order to get more girls sponsored at IAB School and we will pursue fundraising because I think the girls (and boys) deserve better since they are already in a fantastic environment – the IAB school.

I am very grateful to Mr Abdul who took time to be with us on our trip to Pudukkottai to meet the girls that we sponsor in three schools.  The visit brought to life what we do as CCL Education Fund. We first went to Sacred Heart Girls Higher Secondary School in Puddukottai district, then Girls Higher Secondary School in Alangudi and finally the Girls Higher Secondary School in Illupur.  We appreciate that Mr Andul was able to translate for us and we communicated very well with the head teachers, the girls, their parents and teachers.  The meetings in Pudukkottai were breathtaking and an eye opener to us.  We were happy to see the girls in person and they felt the same too.  It was moving and really touching to see the parent’s eyes watering as they thanked us for sponsoring the girls through their standard 11 and 12.  Most of the girls are now studying at University doing either, Engineering, Science, Education, Social Science or Teaching.


Dr Casmir Chanda
Administrative Secretary
Commonwealth Countries League Education Fund, United Kingdom


Most respected and loving Mr.  D. K. Patel and team, what an outstanding reach out towards those rejected by the society! 

Congratulations to you and to your committed team of donors and volunteers who makes all the difference.

My memory is still fresh going back to the inauguration of  the new block dedicated to the well being of the visually impaired at St.  Louis Institute Chennai.  And from then on I keep myself informed of your good works for the noble cause. It's my strong belief that where there is good work there God is! Thus you and your team become carriers of God and His compassion.

May your tribe increase!  May God keep you all in good health and strength.

Great man Victor Franklin who said," We come into this world but once. If we can do something good let's do it now" .

Hope you are enjoying good health and in good cheer.

With prayerful regards,
Bro. Dhanaraj
Principal, Montfort school, Trichy.


Help the Blind Foundation - Vision for Life through Education By Vidya lyengar 

India's Blind Cricket Team is the current world cup champion. But the Board of Control for Cricket in India recognizes neither the sport nor the team. At the 2012 Blind Chess Olympiad, the Indian team ranked 5th, jumping 11 places from its 16th position in the 2008 outing. Yet, our blind chess players receive no support from the Government of India, unlike other sportspersons who are favored with accolades, jobs and monetary benefits. In both cases, it is private individuals and organizations that have come forward to support the teams.

Let’s move on to education. As a signatory to the Persons With Disabilities Act, 1995, India has committed to ensuring that citizens with disabilities – including those who are blind or suffer from sight impairment – have access to equal opportunity and full participation within society. This includes free education until the age of 18 in an appropriate environment. The Act also mandates that the relevant authorities should try to integrate students with disabilities within regular schools as far as possible. There are other provisions as well covering special schools, extra classes, teachers’ training, transportation facilities, curricula and books to cater to the students’ special needs. 

Unfortunately, much of this remains on paper, and the few facilities that exist leave much to be desired. Denied quality education, which is their fundamental right, India’s blind and partially sighted population of more than 52 million is forced to take up low-skill, low paying jobs. This is as much a failure of our system as it is a reflection of our attitude. Even today, there is a widespread belief that those who cannot see are incapable of doing most normal jobs. This is quite incorrect, and we have seen time and time again that given the right support, the blind and partially sighted can perform a large number of jobs with great efficiency.

Education is a key part of that support. It is the need of the hour to empower our blind and sight impaired students with high quality education at primary, secondary and tertiary levels to give them a fair chance at employment in well paying jobs in good organizations. Imparting digital literacy should be a major priority of the educational agenda. 

This line of thought is the driving force behind Help the Blind Foundation, a Hong Kong-based charitable trust under the companies ordinance, founded in 2005 by Mr. D.K. Patel. A team of professionals led by Mr. J.V. Ramani takes care of the foundation’s day-to-day activities. 

The mission of Help the Blind Foundation is to “improve the lives of blind students in India by providing them access to higher education and enabling them to get jobs in today’s modern economy.” Our foundation offers sponsorship and other support to blind and sight impaired students who secure admission based on merit, but are unable to afford the cost of college education. The decision of which student to admit rests solely with the college or university; our foundation does not influence this process, and only steps in once we receive an application for financial support.

Since inception, Help the Blind Foundation’s scholarship program has helped 192 students enter and graduate from an integrated education system.  We are delighted to say that most of these graduates are gainfully employed today. At present, the foundation is supporting 365 students from 53 colleges all over India. By the end of 2016, we hope to add another 1,200 students to our family. 

While our foundation’s main purpose is to provide scholarships, we have also contributed to the establishment of computer centers, Braille libraries, music rooms and sports infrastructure, and helped some secondary schools to improve their premises 

In 2008, we completed a new building for St. Louis School for the Blind in Chennai. With an area of 18,000 sq. ft., the building houses classrooms, a library, computer center and music room for 140 students, and hostel facilities for 90 students. 

Four years later, we made a new building for IAB, Madurai, spanning 20,000 sq. ft. The building serves 150 students and offers hostel accommodation to 90 girls. Apart from classrooms, the facilities include a large Braille library, computer center and music room. We also helped the school renovate the existing hostel and increase its capacity to 180. 

In 2015, we gave Amalarakini School for the Blind located in Tamil Nadu’s Arani District a 10,000 sq. ft. building.

All these initiatives have been exclusively funded by the founder and the generosity of private entities. Your support can go a long way in expanding our scope of activities and make a huge difference in the lives of blind and partially sighted children in India.
You can help in many ways:
  • Sponsor a student's college education
  • Provide equipment and learning aids
  • Donate an amount of your choice
  • Spread the word about our foundation and its work


Please send your contribution to:

Account no.: 400 792503 001
For the bank account details, please email to ramani@helptheblindfoundation.org

You can also mail a cheque in any foreign currency made out to:

A1-9, Villa Monte Rosa, 41A Stubbs Road, Hong Kong
or in Indian Rupees to:
No.16 Yogambal Street, T Nagar, Chennai 600 017, India
For any other assistance or queries kindly email us on contribute@helptheblindfoundation.org
If you require our annual report kindly contact Mr. Ramani by email at ramani@helptheblindfoundation.org
All donations are tax exempt, if you would like an official receipt kindly email us with your deposit/transfer reference.
Thank You for your generosity.




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