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The mission of Help the Blind Foundation is to improve the lives of blind students in India by providing them access to higher education and enabling them to get jobs in today's modern economy. Our foundation offers sponsorship and other support to blind and sight impaired students who secure admission based on merit, but are unable to afford the cost of university education. The decision of which student to admit rests solely with the college or university; our foundation does not influence this process, and only steps in once we receive an application for financial support.

Since inception, Help the Blind Foundation's scholarship program has helped 192 students enter and graduate from an integrated education system. We are delighted to say that most of these graduates are gainfully employed today. At present, the foundation is supporting 365 students from 53 colleges all over India. By the end of 2016, we hope to add another 1,200 students to our family.


Did you know?

Annual cost of educating a blind student at an Indian University (including lodging and boarding at the University hostel) is same as the cheapest iPad 3.

Cost of a laptop for a blind student is only US$ 400.

A very useful learning tool like Angel Recorder costs only US$ 150.

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