Your contribution is spent on two flagship projects unless otherwise specified:

Educational Sponsorship Program

The sponsorship covers the cost of tuition fees, and hostel fees levied by colleges and a small sum to cover their Braille updates, lunch expenses, internet etc. The students are given sponsorship of INR 10,000/- (US$ 150) for day scholars and maximum of INR 25,000/- (US$ 350) for hostel students. The Foundation is partnered with around 200 Colleges across the Country in 13 states. Most of the Colleges are NAAC rated and few of them are rated as top Universities to study in India. 

See our 2019-20 Sponsorship details of the students studying in various colleges.

Education, Mobility/Employability Training (EMET) Program 

One of the problems faced by visually-impaired graduates is employability. Mere education does not help them in the real world. They need to acquire several other skills to enable gainful employment. Technology, and the expanding digital world, has made it possible for people with visual impairment to cross the boundaries of confinement and enter the mainstream. In the light of this, HTBF has helped facilitate the process of integrating the visually-impaired with the mainstream by using a special skills training program called the EMET or the Education, Mobility, and Employability training.   It costs an average of INR 25,000 (US$ 350) per student per year (two year program) and a lap top for each student costs an average of INR 45,000 (US$ 600).

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