Applications for HTBF sponsorship for 2023-24 are now open. Please click the link below for the online application and step by step Instructions for filling up the online form.

Please also note that the applications will have to be complete in all respects with all the mandatory documents properly attached. Any information / Document missing or wrongly entered will render the application ineligible and will be rejected

HTBF Sponsorship beneficiaries over the years

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • All Students with Visual Impairment of 40% or above and have got admission in a college / university / institution approved by us
  • Annual family income less than or equal to 3 lakh rupees (Income certificate not more than 3 years old needs to be attached)
  • UG first year students must have scored 55% or above in 12th standard or equivalent
  • PG first year students must have scored 70% or above in UG
  • For B Ed. first year students must have scored 65% or above in UG
  • Continuation Students with more than 3 arrears will not be accepted
  • New students in UG 2nd year, 3rd year or PG 2nd year will not be accepted.
  • Please go to this link and sign up
  • Once you sign up with your email id, you will receive an email to create password
  • After you enter the password the application screen will come up and you can enter the details in the Sponsorship application
Name of the applicants to be filled in as in the school/college certificate in CAPITAL letters.
Please enter as Continuation. But the documents required will be as if they are new students including new income certificate.s
Aadhar number and DOB should match with the details given last year. In case you still have problem in applying as continuation, please contact your volunteer or HTBF office in Chennai.
Please contact our volunteer in your city or HTBF Office in Chennai; we shall add the name of the college to the dropdown list, which will solve the problem.
Please contact our volunteer in your city or HTBF Office in Chennai, we shall add the name of the course to the dropdown list, which will solve the problem
a) Reasons for changing the college b) Transfer Certificate from the old college c) Admission certificate from the new college
Yes. Every year, Hostellers must submit a proof to the effect that they stay in their college hostel by submitting a hostel bonafide certificate to claim that he is a hosteller.
Please contact our volunteer in your city or HTBF Office in Chennai, we shall add the name of the Bank to the dropdown list.
All documents mentioned as mandatory in the application manual are to be uploaded by every applicant with respect to their year of study. You will not be able to submit the application without attaching the required mandatory documents. The document type has to be either PDF or photo document like JPG.
Our motto is to identify the help the really deserving Visually Impaired students with our sponsorships. So, if you are receiving any substantial aid from any other NGO or Government, kindly let us know and depending on the quantum received by you, we would decide if we should still award the sponsorship to you or award it to some other deserving Visually Impaired student
Yes you can save it, add or modify and submit it within 5 days from the date you signed up. After 5 days you need to re-register and apply again.
Yes, an application number will be generated and made available to you.
Yes, it will not be considered normally however, the management will review the late applications depending upon the merit and circumstances of the case.
Yes. You can apply as continuation student but you have to give the reason for not applying the previous year and how you managed to fund your education without our aid. HTBF management will then decide depending on the merit and circumstances.
While filling the application you might have omitted some of the mandatory details and unless you fill in the required fields and information, you will not be able to submit. Please go through all the details and ensure filling up and submit.
The star like symbol is to indicate that it is mandatory to fill in the required details. Unless you fill these fields with correct details, you may not be able to submit the application at the end.
Select “others” from the drop down menu, and fill in the details.
Please disclose the arrears details and unless you disclose this, you may not be able to submit. If you do not have any arrears, please mention 0 (zero) in the relevant field.
The income certificate should be valid when you are applying for the sponsorship. If the validity of earlier submitted certificate is one year only, then a fresh certificate has to be submitted very year. The income certificate is normally issued for the full family. If your brothers /sisters are supporting your family, then their income should be added to your parents’ income.

Process Of Awarding Sponsorship

At present, the HTBF sponsorship amount is fixed as under:

  • Up to INR 25,000 (US$ 350) or actual expenses whichever is lower, per student per year inclusive of college tuition fees and hostel fees for those who stay in hostels run by the college itself.
  • For students staying in private hostels and day scholars, an annual stipend up to a maximum of INR 10,000 (US$ 150) is awarded by HTBF.
  • Applications have to be submitted online using this link.
  • Normally, HTBF gives sponsorships only for the Under Graduate courses. However, as an incentive for high achieving students, sponsorships are given for post graduate courses as well as professional courses at the discretion of the Trustees. A minimum aggregate of 60% or equivalent CGPA in graduation is required.
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