The Help The Blind Foundation was founded in Hong Kong by Mr. D.K. Patel, retired Senior Economist, HSBC, Hong Kong, in 2005 with prominent local residents as directors.  Initially, the focus of the foundation was to help blind school-going children by building/improving existing schools. Research showed that integrated education, rather than education in segregated schools of the blind, prepared them better for employability in the real world – that prompted Mr. D.K. Patel, to provide visually impaired students in India access to university education in regular colleges, which alone would give them the confidence to integrate into society and empower them to obtain a reasonable employment. HTBF India was hence established in Chennai in 2010 with academics and professionals as Trustees to implement the mission of the Foundation and the journey of the Foundation began in earnest with Mr. Patel at its helm. 

Although Mr. Patel is no more with us, his family continues to take a keen interest in the Foundation.  His wife Mrs. Niti Patel, his daughters Ms. Deepa and Ms. Meera, and son-in-law, Mr. Sridhar have been taking active interest in the activities of the Foundation. Ms. Deepa is a Trustee in HTBF, India. Mrs. Niti and Ms. Meera have been Directors in HTBF, Hong Kong for several years. Mr Kaushal Tikku, a long time resident of Hong Kong took over the leadership of HK team and has since relinquished charge due to other preoccupations but continues to a great support to the HK team. Ms Meera Patel has taken over the leadership of the HK team since February 2022 and has been continuing with some new directors.  The set-up in India and USA have also been strengthened with the joining of academics and professionals. The operations in India continue to be managed by experienced professionals and a strong team of volunteers.

Mr. D.K. Patel's  Image
(29.08.1932 – 10.02.2020)


In 2008, we completed an 18,000 sq.ft. new school building for St. Louis School for the blind in Gandhi Nagar, Adyar, Chennai. The building provides classrooms, library, computer center and music room for 140 students, and hostel facilities for 90 students. In 2012, we built a 20,000 sq. ft. building for IAB in Madurai, accommodating 150 students, with hostel facilities for 90 girls. Apart from classrooms, the school has a large Braille library, computer center, music room and more. We also assisted the school in the renovation of their old hostel building, which will now accommodate 180 students. And in 2015, we constructed a 10,000 sq.ft. building in Amalarakini School for blind, Pathiavaram, Susai Nagar, TK Devikapuram, Arani District, Tamil Nadu.

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