Any individual willing to serve our Foundation’s cause can become a volunteer.
The volunteer acts as an agent for the Foundation and helps in disbursing funds to the visually impaired students. This process needs them to collect application forms from the colleges, to interview the students to assess their eligibility, to ensure receipt of funds by the colleges/ students and obtaining receipts for the same. In short, they have to be guardians to the visually impaired students.
The Foundation only needs their time and commitment to ensure proper disbursement of sponsorships. They can be either full time or part time depending upon their time availability. The actual expenses incurred by volunteers, up to a reasonable extent, are reimbursed by the Foundation.
A Mentor can be either a donor or a volunteer, who makes a long-term commitment towards the progress and development of a visually impaired student or a group of them. This means that the mentor needs to be in touch with the students throughout their graduation, counselling them whenever needed. The relationship between the mentor and the students will be for a longer term, going beyond college education and employment.


Any individual or corporate can donate to our Foundation. They would have to give ID proof along with the donation. If the donation is made by a foreign entity, then submission of the following documents is mandatory.
  1. Passport copy in case of individuals
  2. A copy of the Registration Certificate in case of Corporate donors.
Please click here for further details of how to donate in India, Hong Kong and USA. If the donor wants to remit the donation directly, then our office in Chennai should be contacted to get the details of the respective country account details. Please write to info@helptheblind.in
No. There is no minimum or maximum amount that can be donated. All helping hands are welcome.
Yes. Donors can specify their wish to donate for a specific purpose. For example, they can say that the amount is to be used to purchase laptops or study guides like Angel Readers. Otherwise they can choose a specific college and/ or give a donation for a group of students studying in that college or to build facilities like a library or music room for the visually impaired students.
Yes. If the donors specifically ask for it, the Foundation would send them details of the set of students sponsored by them as well as keep them posted of the students’ progress.
Yes. We can do the entire process of due diligence on behalf of the donors. We can also monitor the progress of the students
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